Sue Bryan

Owner of Inward Journey

Sue is a Mindset Coach specializing in showing individuals, organizations and businesses how to be less reactive and how to avoid overwhelm and burnout. Having been through burnout, Sue knows what it takes to keep stress and overwhelm at bay, while still getting the job done. She is well-versed in leading-edge energy tools, including Qigong and Energy Medicine, and she has decades of experience working on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to support her clients in making changes that stick. Sue is a certified Law of Attraction practitioner with a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology. She brings a deep background in Education, meditation, healing and spiritual emergence to all her work.

    Productivity Without Burnout

    We all suffer from overload in the 21st century.  Whether you’re pursuing a career or working towards a heartfelt dream, it’s far too easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed. And we usually resort to distorted ways to cope when this happens. We’ve been taught to push through our procrastination and to use rewards (you can watch that movie when you finish your work) or punishments (no sleep until this is done!) to motivate us. Pushing harder is not the answer; it is an unsustainable solution to an enduring problem.

    Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out is a common result of a big goal or dream. The bigger the goal or dream, the more likely we are to face resistance and procrastination. When we try to use an unsustainable means to push through, we create even more stress. And in the long run we set up a downward spiral that only leads to stress induced illness or burnout.

    Time for the madness to stop. There is a source of sustainable fuel inside you. You just haven’t learned to trust it yet. You don’t need to sacrifice your health, your relationships or your dreams to be highly productive.

    In this session you’ll learn:

    • Why we get stressed out
    • The role of the mind in stress, overwhelm and burnout
    • Intro to your inner operating systems
    • What it takes to be truly productive using authentic, sustainable power to get things done

    No matter how stressful your life seems right now, in this session you will learn practical tools to ease the tension and focus your mind and your energy towards what you really want out of life. You’ll learn simple tools to bring the best within you to all that you do in your life, your work and your relationships. 

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