Nancy White

Transformational Health Coach / Founder of "The Healthy Cells Chick"

Nancy White dreams about living in a world where people will thrive and not just survive, both physically and financially. Nancy, a native of Charlotte, NC, has a passion for teaching and coaching people to lead naturally healthy lifestyles through proactive, preventative choices.  Through her business, The Healthy Cells Chick, she has helped more than 700 people improve their health through the choices they make.

The untimely deaths of her father and brother, both due to cancer, ignited her passion to live and teach healthy living.  Her mother, who thrived for 96 years, was a large influence and introduced Nancy at a young age to an alternative, natural, holistic lifestyle.

Today Nancy equips and empowers others to make ongoing choices that result in a healthy mind, body, and spirit transformations.  She draws from her own personal lifestyle journey, experience, knowledge, and resources, and helps her clients to grow and succeed in both their personal and professional lifestyles.

Nancy has been an entrepreneur for over 36 years.  In 2008 she started the Heart Link Network in Charlotte, benefiting over 3700 women entrepreneurs and 132 local charities to date.  She has served as the Foundation Leader for the eWomen Network of the greater Charlotte since 2007, and she has been a member of the Latin American Charlotte Chamber of Commerce for the past 6 years.  Nancy has networked in the Charlotte area for over 17 years and is also a Co-host and Executive Producer of The Network Show.

Her first book, The G.R.T. Journal, is an Amazon Best seller.  Her second book, a collaborative called The Light at the End of the Funnel:  Volume 2, will be released in Fall 2019.

    Nancy shares tips to improve your health through the choices you make and coach you to better health. Get empowered to make ongoing choices that result in a healthy mind, body, and spirit transformations.

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