Lynette Davis

Wellness advocate and Mental Health Author

Lynette Davis is a mental health peer advocate who writes, organizes events, and facilitates conversations centered on holistic wellness. She runs a virtual administrative support business partnering with women visionaries, and is the author of “Success To Die For: Breaking Down Assumptions About Anxiety, Depression, & Suicide and Their Impact on Business Women”. Her articles, poetry, and “old-soul” wisdom has been featured in local NJ magazines, blogs, an award-winning tour, and several podcasts. She created the Love Yourself Love Your Business initiative to get business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals mindful about mental health and actively engaged in wholehearted activities that foster wellness in and out of the workplace.

    How a Self-love practice can reduce your chances of having Mental and Emotional Meltdowns while running a business.

    Lynette shares:

    • How to Track Whether or not You’re Just Having a ‘bad’ Day
    • How to be your own kind of business Superheroine/Superhero with radical self-care
    • Simple but powerful micro-movements for building emotional roller coaster resilience

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