Karin Brauner

Clinical Psychologist and Counselor

Karin Brauner, Guatemalan Born with German Heritage and recently also British. Karin is an entrepreneur that aims to increase wellness and improve people’s lives and relationships through the different services that she offers.

Karin has lived part of her life in Guatemala, and currently living in the South of England with her husband.

Her life experiences and personality led her to choose a career in counselling,and pursue other roles such as coaching, tutoring, and more. Karin is building her directory of products and services (www.k-brauner-counselling.co.uk/smp), with the aim to support as many individuals and businesses as possible, in the realms of wellbeing, self-care, supervision, personal therapy, and learning, which she does through one-to-one sessions, ready-made courses and other offerings that you can find on her website.

Karin is also the author of 20 Self-Care Habits, which aims to support individuals with setting clear boundaries and learning to meet their own needs, which is a thread in all of Karin’s work. There are a few more books in the works, which will be published between 2020-2022.

    Feeling overwhelmed and stressed is something Karin is familiar with, either through personal experiences or through her clients’ experiences. Karin supports her clients in a variety of ways, in order to get them back on track and living more balanced lives. 

    Karin believes that there is a secret behind reducing stress. There are many other ways, but the way that has made sense for her and her clients includes setting clear boundaries and learning how to meet our needs by listening to our bodies and minds.

     In this talk, Karin will:

    • discuss what it means to set clear boundaries and what that does for stress relief
    • discuss how we can shift our mindset from thinking very little about ourselves to thinking “hey, me too!” rather than just giving to everyone and forgetting ourselves, which adds stress and resentment to say the least!
    • show how learning how to plan ahead when our boundaries are challenged will relieve a lot of thinking and stress-reactions

    Karin Brauner is a Guatemalan Born Counsellor, Supervisor, Coach, Author, Content Creator, now based in the South of England. She started her private practice 6 years ago, already having 10 years of experience, and adding Supervision to her offerings in 2015. In the past couple of years, she’s developed other products and services that she’s passionate about and that all share commonalities which will be included in her talk for the Health Summit 2019.

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