Jeff Morgan

Master Resiliency Trainer

    From his Near Death Experience in his early twenties, Dr. Jeffrey Morgan spiritual search led him to a radical new paradigm – as a result that the human mind and body are not separate from their environment but a pocket of pulsating power constantly interacting with this vast energy sea, and that our consciousness is  central in shaping our world. The Field, Tao, God, is an explanation for so-called ‘paranormal’ phenomena, from ESP and spiritual healing to the collective unconscious.

    Dr. Morgan maintains that Western Culture is steeped in the superstition of materialism, and this  collective ego teaches that we are separate. This belief disrupts our true identity, and the outcome results in destruction of self and other. 

    We see that we are in a new phase of human progress. Humanity is now awakening from a materialistic worldview and moving into a new outlook that recognizes “spiritual design.” This design rewards an attitude of “helping others” and “making the world better.” Therefore, when we adopt this new world perspective, our soul’s dream, of our mission, comes to us, and we move toward this destiny by a near miraculous “Intuition and Synchronistic Flow.” Consequently, we are learning to make our way in the world by finding a spiritual connection and allowing ourselves to be guided. In this way, we’re discovering a more detailed understanding of how the world genuinely works. Together, with this insight, we can shape another historical era of inspirational life for generations to come.

    Join Jeff on this journey that we are not separate, but were always part of a greater whole.

    Dr. Jeffrey Morgan, PsyD, holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, with certifications in School Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Resiliency Training. From his training in Humanistic Psychology, Gestalt, Feldenkrais, Rubenfeld Synergy, Art and Play Therapy, and Positive Psychology, he participated in assisting over several thousand children and adults in their journey towards healing their emotional body towards wholeness and well-being.

      In Jeff’s talk, you will learn:

      • What it means to be Resilient:
        • self-awareness, self-regulation, optimism, mental agility, character strengths,
          and connection.
      • How to Gain Mental Toughness:
        • detect icebergs, where you identify the deep-seated beliefs that drive their daily decisions and interactions
      • How to Build Your Character Strengths:
        • This centers on identifying signature strengths in oneself and others, such as wisdom, humor, courage, optimist, perseverance, and self-regulation.
        • Identifying these strengths can be used to improve teamwork and tackle obstacles.
      • How to Strengthen Relationships:
        • Acquainting you with helpful communication strategies geared toward enhancing meaningful interpersonal relationships and increasing social support.
        • Examples are: active listening and responding, expressing interest, and giving encouragement or praise.

      Join Jeff in experiencing your ability to unravel the tensions that live in your physical and emotional body, inhibiting your aliveness and freedom.

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