Elizabeth Shaw

Founder and President of Davine Inc.

Elizabeth is an eternal optimist, building a world of optimism as an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. She is the founder and president of Davine Inc., with 20 years of experience planning events and providing strategic consulting for C-Suite leaders, national organizations, small businesses, and heart-centered entrepreneurs and change makers. Elizabeth’s unique combination of hands-on expertise, warmth and creativity has made her a go-to speaker for Fortune 500 companies, professional associations, and women’s organizations on how to incorporate practical optimism into daily life and work in ways that are tangible, sustainable and immensely rewarding. As an entrepreneur, author and speaker, Elizabeth and her company have received coverage on such media as NBC, ABC, and in The Boston Globe. Elizabeth’s first book, The Optimist’s Manifesto,released in 2018. Although Boston has been Elizabeth’s home-base for more than 15 years now, Bologna, Italy, Southern California, and Paris are all places she considers “home”.

    Optimism is not simply about how you see the glass, it’s what you do with it. Join Elizabeth to learn how to live a more inspired life through practical optimism.

    What potential could blossom if we stopped defaulting to pessimism? If we believed anything was possible and refused to settle for the status quo? Elizabeth will discuss how optimism is a superpower and illustrates how having an optimistic mindset can have a profound effect on your stress, health, relationships, work, and self-identity.

    Elizabeth will share:

    • Insightful encouragement to tap into your own optimism, and clarity on what a mindset of optimism is (and is not)
    • Tangible ideas on how optimism can create a healthier, more fulfilling and successful life
    • Practical advice to implement elements of an optimistic lifestyle in work, relationships, community, and individually

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