Dr. James Weldon

Naturopathic Physician and Mayor of Universe City

Dr. James Weldon is a Naturopathic Physician and Mayor of Universe City on Heavenly Mountain. He holds technology patents in 45 countries and is the author of 3 books, several DVD’s and online series on health and personal development. He was the founder of his first holistic health community and conference and retreat center in Florida in 1978 a location where Deepak Chopra first began practicing. He also was a pioneer in some of the first scientific studies on the benefits of Mediation at MERU in Switzerland and was in the first undergraduate and graduate degree program at MIU in Fairfield Iowa studying along with notables such as Deepak Chopra MD & Dr Johnny Gray.

Dr. Weldon – also known as Yogadhi received that title for his attainments as a visionary, health educator, author, and teacher. From the age of five he had unusual spiritual experiences and was sometimes found at that early age innocently absorbed quietly in meditation. The Story of that lifetime journey in realizing the heights of human potential is detailed in his novel “Living the Enlightened Life” which is being hailed by readers and reviewers as “One of the most amazing true spiritual adventure stories of our age.”

Presently Dr. Weldon and his wife live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Boone North Carolina USA cofounding and supporting the growing Heavenly Mountain Community & Universe City there. This vast development on approximately 1,000 acres is the home of the Universe City Resort (Universe-City.us) and Art of Living Retreat Center.

    I have spent my life seeking answers to life’s deepest questions. 

    Who are we? Where do we come from and what is the true pinnacle of health and wellness?  

    I have discovered answers to those questions but realized in the discovery that the deepest truths about life can only be lived in an advanced state of consciousness that few understand and even fewer have lived fully.

    Mankind is on the threshold of a new discovery of the source of happiness and health in a new technology of advancing consciousness that will dwarf all the achievements that have come before. If we can really create happiness health and fulfillment.

    When an individual is healthy then a family of those individuals will be healthy. If the families are healthy communities of those individuals will be healthy.   When those communities are healthy then the societies of those communities will be healthy. When the societies are healthy then the world will be healthy and happy and free.

    So in this discussion let us explore how we can be truly healthy happy and fulfilled and come together in community to build this completed state of life for ourselves and others.

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