Daya Jaggers

Coach, Empathic Intuitive, Mystic, Creative Intellectual Visionary, Entrepreneur, Artist/Actor

Daya is a certified Assertiveness Coach and hold’s certifications in many alternate modalities;  including yoga, E.M.F.
Balancing, Aroma Therapy, Reiki. She specializes in women’s empowerment and self fulfillment. Self-Fulfillment is the realization of your deepest capacities and desires! She works with women who feel success professionally but not in personal relationships. She helps them find authentic self fulfillment.

    How to Live Fulfillment!  – Acknowledging unresolved and unreleased emotions allows us to let them go. In doing so we can move forward,  recognize unproductive habits / patterns, learning how to replace and sustain positive ones.  First steps on taking ownership, second steps on choosing to take action, we begin finding the way to our personal unique self-fulfillment.

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