Welcome to the Summit

Welcome to the Total Health Summit™!

Where you can benefit from:

  • The dedication and knowledge of seasoned health and wellness professionals
  • Evidence based techniques and programs
  • Learning how to kick stress to the curb and out of your life


This summit is the brain child of Keith Engelhardt (Founder/CEO of Sawatch Solutions LLC and NeuroYoga.Zone™ and the AmazingIntrovert.Zone), Jeffrey Morgan PsyD (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology), and conversations with Audie Cashion (Work/Life Balance Speaker, Business Coach, and Certified ONE Thing™ Trainer). Their combined experience and dedication to guiding people to wellness totals over 6 decades. Having held multiple wellness events in physical spaces, they decide they could gather a larger team of health and wellness professional, reach a larger and broader audience, and have a greater impact hosting a on-line summit. Out of hours of brainstorming, research, and conversations with others, the Total Health Summit™ was born.

Our Wish for You:
The founders and all the participating speakers sincerely hope that the resources and information shared here will inspire you and transform your health and wellness. We offer you knowledge and paths to wholeness of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. However, to leverage it into lasting change, you have the ability to look within yourself and choose whether you have lived the life you wanted or the life you were given based on your environment and past experiences.

If you choose to create change because you and only you decide that you need to, then through the recordings and resources we offer you the support that can assist you to self-realize how to create the real change you seek. You and only you are the master or your life and change, as well as where that will take you. We hope it is a life filled with everything you want it to be.

Best regards,
Keith Engelhardt



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